Garden soil full of earthworms

Hi Dora, I'm happy to give you some good news: if you have a land full of earthworms you are in luck.

Earthworms are precious for the garden

THE earthworms they are absolutely positive for the garden. It is a good thing that they are present on your land, better if they are large and numerous. The earthworm does not eat plants or their roots, it is responsible for processing the organic substance present in the earth and making it humus.

Earthworm humus is an extraordinarily fertile substance, it provides nourishment and promotes the rooting of the seedlings, retains moisture in the best possible way and makes the earth soft to work. To learn more, you can read the article I wrote on humus as a fertilizer.

Therefore, absolutely do not reclaim the soil, earthworms are great friends of garden plants. If instead of earthworms you have other kinds of soil dwellers, like nematodes or elateridia the speech is different and you will have to think about removing them from your crops.

I hope it was useful, good cultivation!

Video: Building my Soil with Worms (August 2021).