Laurel liqueur

How to prepare the laurel liqueur

To prepare this digestive liqueur, you start by washing and drying the bay leaves very well, then put them in a glass jar with alcohol, preferably protected from direct light. Let the leaves infuse in the alcohol for 2 weeks, stirring occasionally.

After the resting time, prepare the sugar syrup that will be used to dilute the liqueur: put the water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil to form the syrup. Then turn off and let cool completely.

Once the syrup is cold, add the alcohol, taking care to filter it very well to remove any residual leaves.

Bottle and cover with foil or otherwise in order to avoid any exposure to light. At this point the liqueur is practically ready, let the laurel rest for 3-4 weeks before tasting.

Variations to the classic laurel recipe

Laurel liqueur is a very simple recipe, but it can be easily customized for intensity of taste, sweetness and alcohol content.

  • More or less alcoholic. You can change the alcohol content of the liqueur to your liking by reviewing the proportions of water and sugar to make it more or less strong.
  • Intense taste. You can make a liqueur with a more or less intense taste by changing the number of bay leaves used or by reducing and increasing the initial infusion time (always consider that the bay leaves must be left at least a week).

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