Theiner's Garten: from biodynamics to bio hotel in South Tyrol

Today I'll tell you the story of a 4-star superior hotel in South Tyrol with 112 beds. Usually in our organic stories we talk about small farmhouses: it is not easy to find structures that, on larger dimensions, are able to combine excellence and eco-sustainability. The Bio Vitalhotel Theiner's garten in Gargazzone, on the other hand, is a wonderful experience that has its roots in agriculture. Walter Theiner was one of the pioneers of biodynamics in Italy, and is today an example of attention to the environment at 360 degrees.

This is not a luxury hotel that is "tinged with green" to ride a fashion, but an experience that focuses on eco-sustainability in every aspect, in full coherence with the agricultural history from which the project takes shape. and with which the hotel still maintains a deep bond.

The choice of the Theiner family is to aim for excellence, creating a structure equipped with all comforts and a restaurant of the highest level that uses 100% organic raw materials.

The history of the Theiner family, from biodynamics to the biohotel

Walter Theiner decides to make a change in his life in 1980, when he becomes a farmer taking over his father's orchard in Gargazzone, in the mountains of South Tyrol in the area of ​​Lana and Merano. Realizing the toxicity of the chemicals used in the treatment of fruit trees, he decides to convert his farm to more natural methods and begins to cultivate in biodynamics, of which he will become one of the promoters at a national level.

In addition to running the farm, which still continues today with an organic orchard of seven hectares and managed by their son Ingo, the Theiner family has continued other experiences over the years, always in the wake of the spread of organic. Heike, Walter's daughter, opened an organic product shop in Bressanone in the early 90s. Pro Natura - Distribution, which deals with the distribution of organic products in South Tyrol and Trentino, was also born from this experience. Pro Natura, with other companies in the sector, will give life to Ecor, today Ecor Natura Sì, a national reference point for those who want to buy organic and biodynamic products.

In 2008 a new project took shape: that of opening a completely organic hotel, demonstrating that it is possible to reach a very high level of hospitality by betting on eco-sustainability, in full coherence with its thirty-year history. Thus was born the bio hotel Theiner's garten, which despite its size remains a family business, in which Walter, his wife Myriam, their son Ingo and their son-in-law Stefan Hütter are involved.

An eco-sustainable project in South Tyrol

Being able to build the building from scratch, the project is studied according to all the criteria of green building: the hotel fits into the mountain and natural environment of South Tyrol, with a modern construction but perfectly integrated with the place where it is located.

The ecological impact is considered for each architectural aspect. Solid wood, free of glue, foams and glues is the cornerstone of the structure, natural materials are used both in the supporting structure and in the finishes and interiors. Local provenance is also favored, particularly in timber. The energy efficiency of the structure, from solar panels to thermal insulation, is not only ecological: it is an investment that allows concrete economic savings over the years thanks to lower consumption. The hope is the innovative experience of this South Tyrolean hotel as a model for other accommodation facilities.

The structure is certified Clima hotel and is part of the European association of Bio Hotels, of which Stefan Hütter is vice president.

At the end of the stay, each guest is given an account of how many kilograms of C02 have been saved, thanks to all this attention. Average consumption per night at the Theiner's Garten hotel is 7 kg of CO2, a traditional hotel produces 5 to 7 times as much.

Natural comfort for a regenerating sleep

The hotel has 57 rooms, all spacious and bright, each with a balcony where vines climb, creating a sort of vineyard that runs along the hotel facade.

The furniture of the rooms is in solid wood, with interlocking structures to avoid metal elements and glues. Three woods are used throughout Theiner's Garten. The use of wood has different meanings: it is a natural material strongly linked to the mountain territory of the province of Bolzano. To underline the use of Swiss pine, a wood that has traditionally been associated with a peaceful and relaxing sleep and which recent studies have shown to have an effective positive influence in regulating heart rate during night rest.

The clay wall is an innovative method of conditioning in the room, as well as completely natural plaster and therefore free from toxic fumes. The clay allows you to rebalance the humidity in the room and through the passage of hot or cold water pipes can change the temperature of the room to heat or cool the environment. This allows for total well-being, without any air conditioning, often leading to cervical or other joint problems.

It may seem strange for a 4-star hotel but in the 57 rooms of Theiner we do not find Wi-Fi, minibar and television. This in the first place to prevent electro smog from disturbing the regenerating rest of a natural environment. For this purpose, the electrical cables are also shielded. TV can be requested, as well as a W-Lan cable connection, but a stay at Theiner's Garten can also be an opportunity to detoxify from mobile phones and television programs and experience true natural relaxation. The organic restaurant, the wellness center and the aromatic garden

To ensure relaxation for guests there is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym and a large wellness center with sauna, Turkish bath, sauna, Kneipp path, diving pool, bio sauna with herbs.

The restaurant serves exclusively organic products from breakfast to dinner, favoring local ingredients where possible. The cuisine is refined and well-finished, both in the flavors and in the presentation of the dishes and offers vegetarian and vegan variants. An aromatic herb garden of about 200 square meters, with a great variety of medicinal plants, offers a different and fragrant space on the first floor of the hotel.

Video: A Modern Farmhouse in South Tyrol. Euromaxx (August 2021).