The Snail by Ambra Cantoni

I present to you La Snail by Ambra Cantoni, the company that helps Orto Da Coltivare on the subject of heliciculture, making available its experience of almost twenty years in snail breeding. Anyone interested in learning more about these issues can contact them directly ([email protected] or 338.3757107 or 349.5243403).

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The La Snaaca company

La Snail di Ambra Cantoni was born in 2000 and deals with the breeding of snails for gastronomy, reproduction, sale of snail slime and caviar. It is one of the largest and longest-lived helicopters in Italy and thanks to the almost twenty-year experience gained in the sector and the attention put into the work it is able to provide an excellent product on the market, both in terms of gastronomy and as regards breeding snails.

He seriously and professionally deals with the training of new aspiring snail breeders, organizing heliciculture meetings (courses) every year, providing all the material for the creation of the plant. The company also supplies breeding snails (mares) and guarantees breeders the withdrawal of the product through annual contracts renewable from year to year and assistance in the helicopter activity.

Heliciculture: the Cantoni method

The Snail of Ambra Cantoni realizes a 100% natural breeding, the method involves an outdoor system formed by standard fences of dimensions 46 × 3.5 meters, in which snails are introduced, reproduce, are born, grow and are collected, all within the same enclosure.

The net used for the fences is a Helitex net with two flounces (upper and lower), 100 meters long, 1 meter high, this snail net is anti-drool, anti-escape, anti-ultraviolet rays. It is a professional network for heliciculture, designed to limit the exit of snails, it also has a stabilization to ultraviolet rays from the sun and temperatures up to 20 degrees below zero.

Products supplied by the company

Gastronomy snails

  • Helix Aspersa
  • Rigatella (Eobania)
  • Theba Pisana
  • Helix Aperta (Monachella)

The snails are raised by La Snaaca di Ambra Cantoni only with fresh vegetables, no feed or various additives are used. The company does not use pesticides.

The Snail has HACCP certification, product traceability and the “Italian Excellence” Anti-Counterfeiting mark (ID 3608).

Based on the product selection made, it is able to provide the best product on the market both in terms of quality and flavor of the meat and in terms of size and uniformity, to guarantee customers the best results in the kitchen.

Breeding snails

  • Helix Aspersa
  • Rigatella

The reproducers that are supplied are all selected, edged, calibrated, adult subjects that guarantee the maximum yield in terms of production (each subject goes to lay a hundred eggs each time). The snails are hermaphrodites, therefore there is no male and female, both mate and both subjects lay. For these reasons, the production in heliciculture is very high. They must be introduced by 15/18 subjects per square meter, compared in kilograms are about 30 kg for each standard enclosure (46 by 3.5 meters).

Snail slime

In recent years, the slime business has grown exponentially. La Snaaca di Ambra Cantoni also deals with the supply of slime to cosmetic, pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical companies and laboratories in general. The extraction is carried out using a company production machinery, which can also be ordered. The process of extracting the burr is called Cruelty Free, which means that the snails do not suffer any damage, as the machinery creates a sort of "cradle effect". Subsequently the extracted burr is microfiltered, sterilized and sold.

Cosmetics based on snail slime

For several years now, La Snail has developed its own personal cosmetic line "Ambra", it is snail-based cosmetics totally produced by the company. These cosmetics contain a very high concentration of burr and are 100% natural, they only use fresh burr, no freeze-dried burr is used. They do not contain preservatives, parabens, GMOs, synthetic fragrances and no other substances harmful to the skin. Here are the available products:

Strong saw cream. Cream with pure snail slime extract, to combat skin imperfections and the signs of aging, such as spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars. Other ingredients such as olive oil and calendula extract allow the cream to hydrate the skin, nourishing and regenerating it in depth. The face cream is recommended for all skin types and is available in packs of 30ml or 50ml.

Gel plus 98%. It is a gel made with a very high concentration of pure snail slime. The glycolic acid which is naturally present in the slime has a cell renewal function. The gel is particularly suitable for treating pronounced scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, it is suitable for all skin types. Available in packs of 30 ml or 50 ml.

Liquid slime in elegant case. 100% liquid snail slime, microfiltered to use on the face or to treat any imperfection of the body. Pack of 50 ml.

Teaching: National meetings of heliciculture and consultancy

The La Snaaca farm organizes National Heliciculture Meetings (courses) every year from October to January in which all the experience gained in 20 years is available to breeders or aspiring farmers.

These meetings are one-day national level meetings during which heliciculture is explained from A to Z. Starting from the construction of the plant to the commercialization including the problems, the earnings, the sanitary regulations and the real secrets of heliciculture, to obtain economic results and an excellent quality product. The meeting is divided into two parts:

  • Theoretical part (where all the themes of heliciculture are explained).
  • Lunch offered by the company.
  • Practical part (transfer to one of the company farms to touch all the
    topics and materials discussed during the theoretical part and see the real reality helicopters).

Each Heliciculture Meeting always has a limited number of participants and is a full-immersion day. A certificate of participation and teaching material are also issued.

How to contact La Snaaca

The Snail by Ambra Cantoni
Strada Ciavalletta snc
01100 Tobia (Viterbo)
Tel: 338.3757107; 349.5243403
E-mail: [email protected]

Official Facebook page

Instagram: Lalumacaweb

Direct sales in the company. The snail of Ambra Cantoni sells its products throughout Italy with express courier shipments in 24 hours (48 hours for the islands) both for gastronomy snails, breeding snails, snail slime-based cosmetics.

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